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Wo ai hai gui
Wo = I
ai = love
hai = sea
gui = turtles
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LearnChinese1on1, Inc. declares under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of Nevada, that the below statements are unmodified and in its original form. Statements were taken from live chat conversations and emails with customers.

Iíve been using this site for 2 months now. Yoyo (my tutor) has done an amazing job getting me ready for my big trip in May. She has been with me every step of the way. Iím only learning Ďsurvival Chineseí but canít imagine being able to have this much fun learning a second language from an audio program. Yoyo has even tailored my classes to make sure I know exactly what I need to once I hit land. Itís been great! -Jordan B., Pennsylvania

I needed to learn basic Chinese for my job, and fast. I tried using an mp3 basic program, but was never able to actually practice my Chinese with another person. learnchinese1on1.com has been great. I have been able to very quickly build from what I have already learned by just being able to practice my pronunciation. It turns out I need a lot of help! -Chris P., California

I was going to China as an exchange student as part of my undergraduate program and I needed to learn Chinese (mandarin to be specific) so I could learn the basics before I set foot in china. So I chose learnchinese1on1 as it gave me the opportunity to learn the basics in a monthís time as thatís all the time I had left before my trip and learnchinese1on1 was flexible to let me learn at my own pace. Thanks to learnchinese1on1 I was able to get my basic mandarin learnt before I visited china. -Jennifer S., New York

learnchinese1on1 saved me a great deal. I had planned a one month trip to china and after arriving in china realised that communicating in English alone is not an option. I quickly found this website online and signed up for their course and spent the first 2 weeks with intensive classes to brush up my basic Chinese and opted for 1 hour a day for the rest of my trip. This made me enjoy my trip by being able to communicate and get around with ease. Without the help of the teachers and their 24/7 availability, I would have regretted this trip to china! -Austin M., Illinois

Ive always wanted to learn Chinese but never had the time. Iíve been doing my Chinese lessons with learnchinese1on1 over the last 3 months and I am surprised myself with the rate at which I have progressed. I started off with basic Chinese and now I can confidently talk and converse with the teacher during my lessons. The flexibility of learning at my own pace and time has helped me a great deal. I would definitely recommend this website for someone like me who wants to learn a second language as a hobby and make use of their free time in a productive manner. -James B., Michigan

Learning on this website was as good as having a teacher right next to me to answer and clear all my doubts when needed. I would definitely recommend this site for anyone who wishes to learn Chinese over their free time. -Xavier T., France

I was offered Mandarin as the language course for my undergraduate in India. I thought it would be exciting to learn a new subject and therefore took it. For the first few weeks I couldnít get the hang of it at all and was looking to take tuitions/private lessons to help me pass my paper. Learnchinese1on1 helped me a great deal and the teachers were like my private tutors helping me at every step. I would really like to thank the teachers for the help. -Ramesh N., India

I was asked to use this service from a friend of mine in China to learn Chinese before I visited the country for my au-pair program. It scored me a lot of brownie points with the family I lived and they were really impressed that I could speak Chinese so fluently. -Sheryl A., U.K

Learnchinese1on1 is one of the simplest ways one can learn a new language and do it as a hobby. I came across this website and had a lot of free time and gave it a try. Now I am in Beijing as an English teacher and all that I learnt came in handy. Never thought I would be speaking Chinese in China. -David P., Spain

I am a retired business man. Ive always wanted to be an English teacher. Learnchinese1on1 gave me the opportunity to learn Chinese and help me fulfil my dream of being an English teacher. I am in china now and am able to live my remaining years, teaching young children English and am able to communicate with them in their own native language. -Charles W., Florida

My husband and I were planning to visit china during my kidís summer vacation and we were told that it would be really hard not to know the basic Chinese to get around china. I came across this website and signed up for some lessons to see if it would be helpful. The tutors were great and helped me learn the basic Chinese really quickly and we would often have a chat about china and were given advice on the places to visit. The website was very helpful and we had a great time in china thanks to them. -Stephanie F., Texas

My son was taking Chinese lessons in school as it was mandatory. He used to come home with a lot of doubts with his home work and what the teacher had thought in class as he couldnít keep up with the pace of teaching. I found this website and put him onto one of the teachers, who helped him learn in his own pace and he took great interest to learning the language. -Jenny R., Scotland

Learnchinese1on1.com helped me with my homework in school and also helped me catch up with the pace the school was teaching me Chinese at. I would definitely recommend it to other students. -Katie G., Maryland

I was asked to attend a business meeting and make a presentation to a large firm in China. I learnt Chinese a few weeks before my business trip with learnchinese1on1 and used what I learnt to impress the Chinese delegates we gave the presentation to. It helped me land a partnership with the firm and I am frequent visitor to china now, speaking perfectly fluent Chinese. -James H., England

I landed in china to take up a job with an NGO to help in the conservation of sea turtles. I found it really hard to cope with the language and find my way around china. I came across learnchinese1on1.com and the tutors helped me learn the basic Chinese for starters and it made my stay in China so much more comfortable. -Karthik S., India.

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