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Wo ai hai gui
Wo = I
ai = love
hai = sea
gui = turtles
So you want to learn Chinese but don't know where to start? Donít worry we can help you out. From the very basics all the way to politics and sciences, we can teach you the subjects you want to learn. Think of any topic in the world you are interested in and get started. With our chinese lessons, all you need to do is pick a topic to study and leave the rest up to us. We will provide you with the materials you need to study and your personal tutor will work through each lesson with you 1-on-1 in that topic, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

If you do not see the subject matter you are looking for, feel free to contact us about it. We have a plethora of resources for advanced topics, so putting together study guides is no problem. Additionally, all of our teachers are native Chinese speakers. This means they will know any topic that you want to learn.

Flexibility is an important factor to the success at LearnChinese1on1.com. That is why our lessons can be broken down into however many hours you want to learn each day. For example, if a lesson has a 6 hour duration, you can decide to have six 1-hour sessions, or two 3-hour sessions, or three 2-hour sessions, or even one 6-hour session! Our teachers are very flexible and will work along with your schedule and learning pace.

Subject Duration of Lesson Tuition
Language Basics 6 hours $54.49
Greetings / Introductions 6 hours $54.49
School / Classroom 6 hours $54.49
Work / Career / Job Interview 6 hours $54.49
Dining / Restaurant / Food 6 hours $54.49
Friends / Socializing 6 hours $54.49
Relationships / Dating 6 hours $54.49
Marriage / Wedding 6 hours $54.49
Verbs / Adverbs / Adjectives 6 hours $54.49
Past / Future Tenses 6 hours $54.49
Travel / Vacation 6 hours $54.49
Health / Doctor / Hospital 6 hours $54.49
Shopping / Clothes / Groceries 6 hours $54.49
Hobbies / Sports 6 hours $54.49
Driving / Drivers License Exam 6 hours $54.49
Spirituality / Religion 6 hours $54.49
Home / Cooking / Gardening 6 hours $54.49
Chinese Culture / Society 6 hours $54.49
Animals / Pets 6 hours $54.49
Real Estate / Renting / Buying 6 hours $54.49
Computer / Hardware / Software 6 hours $54.49
World / Geography 6 hours $54.49
Current News 6 hours $54.49
Politics 6 hours $54.49
History 6 hours $54.49
Philosophy 6 hours $54.49
Biology 6 hours $54.49
Physics 6 hours $54.49
Chemistry 6 hours $54.49
Mathematics 6 hours $54.49

Student Reviews

"I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to learn chinese with books, audio tapes, softwares, you name it...I just still couldn't learn chinese without that personal interaction you get from a real person. 1-on-1 live webcam learning with your chinese teachers was the most amazing learning experience ever. I was able to speak fluent chinese in 3 months time; my friends couldn't believe it when I started conversations in chinese with random chinese locals in Chinatown!"

-Linda Thompson

"I work a full-time job that has different shifts every week so attending a scheduled class doesn't work for me. Your online teaching service is the best option for me. I wanted to thank my chinese teacher, Miss Lei, for being able to coordinate her schedule around mine every week. It has really been helpful in making this the best language learning experience ever. I plan to travel to China and visit her in June when I get time off from work so I can personally say Xie Xie to her :-)"

-Charles Danko

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