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Wo ai hai gui
Wo = I
ai = love
hai = sea
gui = turtles
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why Learnchinese1on1.com?
A: The best way to quickly and effectively learn a second language is to live, work and study in the native country. Unfortunately that is not possible for most people. Learning a second language can allow us to understand another culture, communicate with friends and loved ones in their native language, excel in the business realm, or even prepare for a long vacation. If you are lucky enough to be moving to or living in China, we can still help you!

Learning a language is difficult enough. Why complicate things further by attending classes? Schools are expensive, time consuming, stressful often class times inflexible. Learning on your own with books and/ or audio tapes can be helpful but both have very limited content and cannot provide you with the necessary interaction to accurately learn a language.

With LearnChinese1on1.com you do not even need to leave your seat to study with a native speaking, professionally trained teacher who is available 24/7. By providing each individual with a personal Chinese language tutor, LearnChinese1on1.com creates a fluid setting where both teacher and student work together to maximize the learning experience. You will be able to interact using visual clues as well as instant feedback, both of which make language acquisition that much easier. By providing the personal interaction needed for a healthy learning environment, LearnChinese1on1.com is giving you the tools you need to learn this difficult language.

Working with a native speaking tutor is a tried and true method thousands of individuals have used while living in China. Our program simply brings that opportunity to your home!

Q: How does LearnChinese1on1.com work?
A: By joining learnchinese1on1.com, you will be placed with your own certified Chinese language teacher according to your own learning needs. It is like a personal tutor right next to you! Total beginner? No problem. You will be learning from on of our teachers trained in teaching beginner Chinese. Fluent but need to brush up a big before a big trip? We have tutors that can focus on the areas you want. We provide both Mandarin and Cantonese Language experts.

All of our teachers are native Chinese speakers. They are all fluent in English and most have been teaching Chinese as a second language for many years. Through a rigorous application and certification process, we make sure you are provided with world class teachers. Owned and managed by an American expat, our offices are located in mainland China, and we have a personal connection with each of our teachers.

Before you are assigned to one of our teachers, we will help you assess your needs through our online language system. If you have a background in Chinese, we will provide you with short tests to fully assess your needs. Once your language level has been determined, you will work directly with a Chinese language teacher to further develop your own personal learning schedule.

At learnchinese1on1.com, we understand the difficulties of learning a second language. Learning Chinese can be intimidating, but many people find that learning under native Chinese teachers greatly enhances the learning experience, getting you on the ground and running faster than other programs. By interacting one on one, you will listen to what native Chinese really sounds like, and learn to perfectly pronounce your Chinese.

The technology behind learnchinese1on1.com is simple. With the advent of broadband Internet and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) communication technology provided through Skype or MSN, it is easy to have crisp, clear conversations through your computers webcam and microphone. Need help understanding how Skype works and what you need? We can help you with any technical questions about creating the perfect connection to your personal chinese language teacher.

Please view the movie on our homepage to see how learnchinese1on1.com works.

Student Reviews

"I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to learn chinese with books, audio tapes, softwares, you name it...I just still couldn't learn chinese without that personal interaction you get from a real person. 1-on-1 live webcam learning with your chinese teachers was the most amazing learning experience ever. I was able to speak fluent chinese in 3 months time; my friends couldn't believe it when I started conversations in chinese with random chinese locals in Chinatown!"

-Linda Thompson

"I work a full-time job that has different shifts every week so attending a scheduled class doesn't work for me. Your online teaching service is the best option for me. I wanted to thank my chinese teacher, Miss Lei, for being able to coordinate her schedule around mine every week. It has really been helpful in making this the best language learning experience ever. I plan to travel to China and visit her in June when I get time off from work so I can personally say Xie Xie to her :-)"

-Charles Danko

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