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Wo ai hai gui
Wo = I
ai = love
hai = sea
gui = turtles
Our chinese courses are tailored based on your chinese language level. We have three levels of online chinese courses: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner Chinese Course introduces speaking, understanding, reading, and writing standard Mandarin Chinese. If you already have the basic grasp of the Chinese language, our Intermediate level course which covers reading and oral practice, will be more appropriate for you. Those who have a solid understanding of the Chinese language will finalize their language study in our Advanced Chinese Course, which reinforces their proficiency in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. The Advanced course will also include discussions from newspaper articles, essays, and other readings concerning culture, history, and current political, social, and economic issues in China.

By registering for any of our online courses, you will have the flexibility to decide how many hours per week you'd like to be instructed 1-on-1. Our chinese teachers will accommodate you by working around your busy schedule. Each course is a total of 150 hours, which is equivalent to many chinese language courses offered at universities and colleges around the world. Because you have your own personal chinese teacher that will teach you at your own learning pace, you will learn more chinese at LearnChinese1on1.com than any classroom course taught at universities and colleges.

1-on-1 Chinese Courses

Level Duration of Course Tuition
Beginner 150 hours 1-on-1 $945
Intermediate 150 hours 1-on-1 $1125
Advanced 150 hours 1-on-1 $1342

Alternatively, if you are tight on your budget and do not mind studying in small groups, you may consider registering for our Online Group Chinese Classes, which are held in the evening from 9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) until 11:00 P.M. EST. One of our chinese teachers will hold a web conference / webcast / webinar, giving Chinese language lectures to a group of two to five students online. You will still have the opportunity to ask questions during the live Chinese lesson.

Group Chinese Courses

Level Duration of Course Tuition
Beginner 150 hours $567
Intermediate 150 hours $675
Advanced 150 hours $805

Student Reviews

"I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to learn chinese with books, audio tapes, softwares, you name it...I just still couldn't learn chinese without that personal interaction you get from a real person. 1-on-1 live webcam learning with your chinese teachers was the most amazing learning experience ever. I was able to speak fluent chinese in 3 months time; my friends couldn't believe it when I started conversations in chinese with random chinese locals in Chinatown!"

-Linda Thompson

"I work a full-time job that has different shifts every week so attending a scheduled class doesn't work for me. Your online teaching service is the best option for me. I wanted to thank my chinese teacher, Miss Lei, for being able to coordinate her schedule around mine every week. It has really been helpful in making this the best language learning experience ever. I plan to travel to China and visit her in June when I get time off from work so I can personally say Xie Xie to her :-)"

-Charles Danko

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